Geschichte von Tafelwasser in Flaschen – Bottled Water

Heute mal etwas zum Nachdenken. Die Geschichte von Flaschenwasser. Also Trinkwasser in der Flasche. Sehr interessant. Guckt selbst: Was bei uns in Deutschland etwas anders ist: Wir haben tatsächlich Mineralwasser, was anders schmeckt als Leitungswasser. Es gibt: Tafelwasser, was dem „Bottled Water“ entspricht, Mineralwasser und Heilwasser. Meist kaufen wir Mineralwasser. In den letzten Jahren häufte

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Die zwei Leben des Kriegers

The Warrior of Light: „That is why the Warrior of Light has the impression of living two lives at the same time. In one of them he is obliged to do everything that he does not want to do, fighting for ideas that he does not believe in. But there is another life, one that

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Feng Shui IV – Abschluß

Today, I´ve finished my Feng Shui activity. We had to tear down the bookshelf and pack the books, I don´t need anymore in a box. My big son helped me. Was a great day. Now, everything looks fine. My Hi-Fi is replaced by small Bose loud speaker. ___ Heute war Abschlußtag für die Feng Shui

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Einen Gongständer selbst basteln

Here´s a good vid „How to build a gong stand“. Needs typical DIY store stuff. We have our own special developed wooden stands with a flexibel foot to knee beside the gong not in front of it! That´s important to play good meditations. *** Wir haben für unsere Gongs einen speziell zusammen mit Schreinern entwickelten

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Feng Shui Aktion II

I´ve just written about my Feng Shui activity: Throwing Giving away all my music CDs- clearing the space. Karoline asked me, if she can get the classical music and a list of the other CDs. Here´s the list of the music artists in my collection. ___ Letztens berichtete ich über meine Feng Shui Aktion: Entrümple

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Entrümpeln – weg-fengshuin

Throwing away- clearing the space, doing Feng Shui. That´s what I do now. My music collection, the National Geographic magazines the history magazins and the hi-fi eqipment everything has to leave me. I don´t need it anymore. Things have changed in my life. I listen to my music on the iPhone, my Mac or on

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